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Efficient, flexible and professional... That’s what we believe makes ‘Onat Giyim’ a most reliable partner in Turkey within International textile markets.




Onat Giyim was established in 2004.




During the first two years the main business was underwear for Slovenia markets. Last two years we expand our product ranges and also start working with some of the other European clients. Today we are preparing special collections for women’s and men’s underwear, nightwear products. This is another step to provide our clients with more detailed and efficient service.




We believe that only a flawless production delivered at the right time will satisfy our clients and thus their customers. So we provide extensive services and supply high quality textile products to various firms located mainly in South of Turkey.






 Onat Giyim has been pursuing perfect service for its clients.




Our services include:


    * Researching and providing manufacturers according to customer demands and working conditions.

    * Developing collections according to the customer demands

    * Price negotiation

    * Controlling the order forms collected from clients, completing any missing details, translating into Turkish, and delivering as a file to manufacturers.

    * Controlling and advising of the preproduction samples before delivery

    * Controlling the lab-dips, shrinkage and color of fabric before cutting process.

    * Controlling Sewing (This is a regular control throughout the production, so that if there are any mistakes, they are corrected right away)

    * Regular final inspection.




As a last word, a keen follow-up of all production stages and continuous reporting to clients are our service procedure.


Yeni Baraj Mah. Hacı Ömer Sabancı Cad. Akdeniz Apt. K: 9 No: 17

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